Glossier review

I am obsessed with this brand, everything that i have gotten from here works great. My favorite products are the lash slick, cloud paint, boy brow, and their solution. the acne i have isn’t too bad but it’s annoying so the solution helps alot with it and it adds a nice glow to my skin. their makeup is great too, i like to keep my makeup routine simple, what i normally do is apply just enough concealer to mask my dark circles and red spots, a bit of blush, some eyeshadow, a little highlight, and a swipe of mascara. Normally it takes me maybe 15 minutes to fully do my makeup i find everything is easy and quick to use. this is one of those brands that keeps things simple and i love that everything is at a reasonable price, thay have a vitamin C serum for only $28 which is amazing since most are quite expensive. I will have more detailed reviews on specific products from their brand come up. In conclusion i’m definitely be buying more products and i highly recommend you do too!

Kelsey DoughertyComment