How to stay trendy in the snow

I live in New Jersey so all winter im wearing a parka and boots, and a lot of sweaters, but i find its tough to look trendy. I find that fall, spring and summer are easy to find cute clothes and rock them. in the winter though we are just trying to stay warm. Having a nice quality coat is so important because this will help pull together an outfit. My go to is my black Tommy Hilfiger coat it’s warm and fashionable. Then the shoes are important too, must be fashionable but functional for the winter, for me it’s my black Doc Martens I wear them a lot they are my go to shoe in the fall and winter. Functionality is so important in the cold because you want your feet to stay dry and you want to not slip and fall because that’s not fun. If you have caught on i wear a lot of black so to break it up i like to wear bright gloves, patterned scarves to add a pop of color, and a beanie with a pompom on top can’t hurt either. When its really snowy i do turn to my snow boots which have a cute pop of red on them. I find in the winter the little pops of color really breaks up the gray that’s outside. so don’t be afraid to have some pieces that add color, it really will make your whole look pop.

Kelsey Dougherty