Neutrogena light therapy review

Lets talk about light therapy, So light therapy uses a light emitting diode (LED) - which is a medical device used to reduce acne, increase blood circulation, and improve the collagen content in the skin. LED works by releasing light onto skin to stimulate specific responses at precise depths of the skin tissue. So you may be wondering what colored lights do what, well I will tell you. Blue light reduces acne and redness bacteria, Red light increases circulation, improves collagen and elastin production, stimulates wound healing, yellow light reduces swelling and inflammation, improves lymphatic flow, detoxifies and increases circulation, and last Green light it reduces hyperpigmentation, reduces redness, and it calms and soothe. Most of the time you can only get these treatments from a dermatologist, so when Neutrogena came out with their own light mask i was excited, so now you can do it at home. I personally don’t have one I just have the pen, but my boyfriend does so I Borrowed it , he let me finish his cartridge which is nice. The lights that are used are blue and red, they do leave out the circulation and the collagen in the list of effects of the red, but it could be the teenagers and young adults aren’t worried about their collagen. 

The Light Mask - I was skeptical of it, I’m always busy and I work late during the week and on my off day I’m always doing something so I don’t really have time where I could alot for time this, now it’s only 10 mins, but I feel like I’m either too tired or i couldn’t be bothered. I was still skeptical while wearing it and one thing I realized if you have bad eyesight and wear glasses and don’t wear contacts its a bit inconvenient I had to wear my glasses on the outside and it was not great. Also when you take it off the room looks green and it take a couple minutes for it to go away. At this point I think this may not be for me then I saw my face later that night after I washed it and it was noticeably better, my skin looked less dull which is my biggest issue, and even, this completely changed my opinion of it. I’ve been looking for something that would help with dullness and this may be it. Now its about $28 on amazon which isn’t too bad for an at home treatment. You do only have 30 treatments, so you need to buy refill cartridges which are $12 on amazon.  

The Light Pen - This is what I have and I like it, it great for individual zits. My main issue is painful cyst like acne and it never get s a head to pop and in hurts and lasts weeks, so this is a great option if you commonly have individual zits and don’t get full on breakouts. Its works and its battery operated so you can just change the AA battery and not have to worry about having to get new cartridges to keep it working, so thats a plus. It’s $16 on amazon.

I was surprised with how much i liked it, i definitely would recommend giving it a try. I would suggest getting it off of Amazon that’s the lowest prices for them that i saw.