Lively review

As a woman having a good quality bra is so important , it can completely ruin your day if it’s uncomfortable. Nothing is worse than having a wire poke you, too tight of straps, too loose of straps, or a bra that is completely that wrong size. I’m wearing a bra 24/7, so needing a comfortable one is a necessity. I’m someone who loves underwear and i’m always looking for the most comfortable brands, don’t even get me started on Meundies i love them so much they are so soft. Comfortable underwear is very important and i personally think lively is one of the more comfortable brands i have tried. I’ve been looking for a good wireless bra that is comfortable but also has good support, i wear a 32C so support is necessary. The first bra i got was The Mesh Trim No-Wire($35) and i love it, its super comfortable and has really good support. the other 2 bras i have gotten from there are The Deep V No-Wire($35) and the All-Day T-shirt Bra($35). Even the bra with the wire is really comfortable, they are really good and i recommend them if your looking for a new bra. They also have a nice selection of styles, and a wide range of sizes (32A-38DD) . They also have more than bras, they have underwear, loungewear, bodysuits which i’m planning on getting, and swim suits. I really recommend trying out this brand, i really like them and i think you will too.