Urban Decay Brow Blade

The Urban Decay Brow Blade waterproof pencil and ink stain is apart if Urban Decay’s new brow line which has 5 products including this one. Brows have become the main focus of a lot of people’s makeup routine, in history brows have evolved in the 20’s they were thin and arched, 30’s they were a little bit more bold, then we get to the 60’s where they were short and mod, the 80’s brought the bold and natural, 90’s had the skinny brows and 00’s had the pencil thin brows and now in 2019 full is the new look. I have found a lot of people have paid the price for over plucking their brows in the 90’s and early 2000’s, everyone is looking for the best solution and right now microblading is a big solution for them, i find a lot of my clients have microblading and they love it. Microblading isn’t for everyone so Urban Decay came up with a solution, they have 7 shades i use gingersnap which is an auburn. When reading customer reviews i found the majority of the negative was the fact that the shades didn’t go dark enough, i have very light eyebrows that are very blonde at the end so for me the color i got was perfect. I like how the felt tip applies it fills in really well and doesn’t create a marker like fill in, the pencil feels nice. If you have been looking for a good eyebrow option i definitely recommend, if you do have dark eyebrows they may not have a color that matches hopefully they here the consumer and come out with new shades, i really like it and it would be awesome for everyone to be able to try it. The Brow Blade is $26 is online and in stores.