Glossier Play


Glossier decided to change up what they are known for and came out with Glossier Play which they describe as dialed up beauty extras. I was very excited when I saw the Instagram post, so I went on their website and found that they sold all the products in a kit called the Play Ground. The kit includes Vinylic Lip ( a high shine lip lacquer), Color Slide ( a Technogel eye pencil), Niteshine ( a highlighter concentrate), and Glitter Gelée ( a Chunky glitter gel for eyes). The kit also included their pencil sharpener and a silicone applicator for the Glitter Gelée. All of the products come in a foil package within the box which I found not necessary. Now let's discuss the products.

Vinylic Lip ($16) - I got the color Blow-up which is a bubble gum pink in total they have 6 different shades. When applying the applicator tip is soft and allows the product to glide on effortlessly. The lip lacquer itself has a smooth texture with a slight stickiness, but that is to be expected. I enjoy the overall color and look of the lacquer; It has some buildability to it which is lovely to find in a lip product.


Color slide eye pencil ($15) - I got the color Hardcore Velvet which is a deep teal, there are 14 different shades. The pencil glides on easily and has a nice pigment to it. It also doesn't smudge easily which is always a positive.


Niteshine ($20) - I chose the color Platinum Rose which is a nice rosy pink shade with a metallic finish, they have 4 different shades. The applicator is a spongy tip that allows you to precisely apply it to the designated section you want. The pearlescent shimmer creates a nice dimension but also allows a natural glow.


Glitter Gelée & The Detailer ($16) - I got the color Phantasm which is opalescent with small and chunky glitter. The Gelée applies easily with fingers and with the applicator. Once dry it loses its tackiness and overall has a good hold. The overall appearance and the different sizes allow the glitter to be more dimensional. Now there is a downside for this one while looking at the comments and the description of it, the gelée isn't biodegradable it contains PET which is very unfortunate. If that is something that is important to you honestly it should be important to all of us, there is another solution for chunky glitter. A brand called Unicorn Skin Cosmetics also has a chunky glitter it's slightly cheaper at ($12) and it's completely biodegradable.



My overall rating for this collection I would give it an 8/10 the products are good but there are little things to be improved upon. Also, the fact that the Gelée isn't biodegradable for me is an issue, with where the environment is now there is no reason why it isn't biodegradable. So if you think you would want to try these products you should, just maybe think about the gelée.