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Modernistlook LUXE – Smart Backpack


I’m Someone who loves accessories, I live for handbags and sunglasses. So when I needed to find a new backpack for work and travel I knew I needed to find one that is functional and fashionable. I was using an old leather backpack I got from a thrift shop which the stitches were coming undone from the left strap, my backpack was always way too heavy since I always carry a note book, my planner, and some form of liquid. Also the way the bag was shaped it had no structure and it would Constantly slip off my shoulder. So when an ad on insta kept popping up for this bag and after reading reviews I decided to get it, now the bag is 89.99 which is kinda pricy for a backpack but it’s a smart back pack that has a port for your charger which is cool. The bag comes in three colors black, blue, and burgundy, I went with black since most of my wardrobe is black and it also goes with everything. When I first got it in the mail I thought it was small but once I started putting my stuff in I could tell it was bigger than it looked. It has a front pocket then two main sections in the bigger one there is a protected space for your laptop which is always good and a pocket that allows more divided organization. In the second smaller section is where you can plug in your portable charger so you can use the external port, also has little pockets for small things. Another cool little feature it there is a pocket in the back so you can put you valuables in it so no one can steal it which is awesome especially if you go to the city. The straps are comfortable and easy to adjust, so over all I really like this bag it has good weight distribution and it looks good. If your willing to splurge on a backpack I would recommend that this should be the bag you choose.