Razor Review


Warmer weather is coming so let’s talk about shaving, its annoying and finding a good razor is tough, we have way more surface area to cover than men so it needs to hold up longer. Like a lot of people i have tried a variety of razors, i’ve used dollar shave club which i didn’t mind, but i didn’t love it. I will admit i do love a pretty handle on my razors, it’s just a personal preference. So when the ad for billy popped up on my insta i was intrigued and i decided to check it out. it’s reasonably priced you can get a starter kit for $9 which comes with a razor handle, 2 5-blade razors, and a magnet holder for your razor, not too shabby. I’m extraordinarily lazy when it comes to shaving i wear jeans all year long, so i prefer my shave to be as close as possible and to last more than a few hours. I have blond non-coarse hair, so results may vary depending on your hair and how quick your hair grows. Going into my first shave with this razor I was excited to see how well it would shave. I also used their shaving cream which smells really nice and has a really good lather. I found that it gives a quality shave, it’s been about 4 days since I shaved and i’m just starting to get prickles on my legs. I found it shaves well on armpits too, it has no issues moving with curves. I like them so if you're looking for new razors I would definitely give them a try.

Subscription ($9 for 4 razor cartridges) The Shave Cream ($8)